Room Ready

Carrier Room Ready Requirements

We build to the required specs per your carriers request

  • Dedicated 15, 20 or 30 amp electrical circuits on the backboard, rack or wall of your server room/data center.

  • 3/4 fire treated plywood backboards mounted and secured per specs.

  • Underground conduit pathways from your property line to your MPOE or other location.

  • Aerial pathways for access to your equipment location from the carriers telephone pole.

  • Fiber Optic innerduct in the conduit as specified by your carrier or design personnel.

  • Grounding, bonding and busbars with ground wire back to building, earth or panel grounding source.

  • EMT conduit pathways from building point of entry to MPOE, server room or data center.

  • Carrier liaisons for your property and infrastructure. We will communicate with your carrier and property management.

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