We are a Full Service Communications Contractor & Cabling Company

  • Relldan is one of the top rated cabling companies in California. Your network installation and supporting network infrastructure such as Ethernet Cabling, Conduit Pathways and Room Ready requirements are systems we live and breath. When a technician(s) visits your facilities, that person will be knowledgeable as well as sensitive to your environment and the environment they are working in. Respectful communication is at the top of our list when interacting with you. We'll provide updates as you would like to be updated. Our technicians show up on time, do the work with experience and knowledge, and manage the project seamlessly as it moves forward.

  • We will earn your communications business. Relldan is up-to-date on new and emerging technologies such as IoT connectivity and has deep experience in legacy telephone and data networks. As one of the top rated and most sought after communications contractors and cabling companies in California, we offer a refreshing experience in customer service, timely delivery of your projects and excellent reporting throughout your network infrastructure's lifetime. We enjoy working with our current customers and their projects, and look forward to creating new relationships and working on new opportunities with you.

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