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    Are you an IT, CRE or other professional that has questions or needs regarding network installation or demarc extensions?

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    Do have Fiber Optic or Ethernet Cabling network data installation services that need to be connected to your switches, server room(s) or data center?

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    Will or does your service provider (AT&T, Frontier) request specific items like conduit, innerduct, backboard, grounding or dedicated electrical circuits to be in place for your service to be installed?

We are the leading network installation and communications contractor company in our markets. Electrical services are part of the portfolio as well.

Relldan provides infrastructure for all types of network installation and telecommunication networks. From inside and outside plant (underground & aerial) pathways to fiber optic demarc extensions to wifi installation to Locating Services. We do network installation and install data center cabling and server rooms, structured cabling, conduit and electrical circuits.

We’ve been in business for 13 years as a communications contractor. Our experience of over 25 years in telecom, data, construction, sales and installation provides the experience you need and the business experts you require when selecting a contractor to partner and build a relationship with. We manage being a contractor as a straightforward thing. In the following manner:

We show up on time and do the agreed upon work.  We have the knowledge and experience to do the work.  Communicate, communicate and communicate status of the project(s).  Manage change seamlessly.  Complete the project(s) on time and with all deliverables in place.

We have been doing this since we started the company and believe you will appreciate this model.


We are insured with commercial insurance policies as follows:

Workers Compensation, General Liability, Umbrella Liability, Professional Liability, Automotive Liability

CSLB License # 967525. C-10 Electrical and C-7 Low Voltage Licenses.